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Creating a cryptocurrency from scratch isn’t easy. It requires extensive knowledge of various programming languages and knowledge of blockchain use cases, among other things. Instead of going through that effort, those newer to the crypto space wanting to build their own project tend toward tokens.  Tokens are a crypto asset that exists within an ecosystem,
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California-based music streaming platform Audius released new functionality that allows artists and fans to embed nonfungible tokens (NFTs) on various blogs and social media platforms such as Twitter and Discord. The “embedded” functionality aims to improve fan engagement for musicians through NFT adoption and Web 3.0 integrations. To enable the feature, artists need to connect
Municipals were lightly traded and outperformed a large sell-off in U.S. Treasuries while equities were mixed following President Biden’s decision to renominate Jerome Powell as Federal Reserve Chairman. Since Powell is seen “as slightly less dovish than [Lael] Brainard, more rate hikes and more immediacy of those hikes is making its way into the yield
COVID-19 stimulus spending caused 2021 state expenditure estimates to sky-rocket to the highest level in 35 years. That was according to the Fiscal 2019-2021 State Expenditure Report released by the National Association of State Budget Officers Friday. Total state spending reached $2.65 trillion in fiscal year 2021, a jump from the $2.28 trillion observed in
Telecom Italia is to hold an emergency board meeting on Sunday to evaluate a takeover offer from US private equity group KKR, a deal that would be one of the largest telecoms buyouts of all time. KKR already holds a 37.5 per cent stake in Telecom Italia’s “last mile” network but has moved to make
A gubernatorial candidate from Venezuela has promised to offer scholarships for citizens interested to join the Technical Training Center for Mining and Administration of Digital Crypto Assets.  José Alejandro Terán, the aspiring governor who represents the country’s ruling party, started the initiative as a part of the La Guaira Digital program, which aims to fast-track