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The #1 Success Secret Every Real Estate Agent Should Know

If I had to pick one thing that has led to more leads, more deals, and more success in this industry than anything else, it’s personal branding.

Your “brand” is what you’re known for; It’s the sum of your digital footprint, your appearance, your work ethic, your skills, your connections, your passions, your personality—all of the unique propositions that make you who you are. It’s the reason a client selects YOU—and that’s why building out my personal brand has been my #1 success secret.

Anyone—at any stage in his or her career—can begin building a brand. It’s never too early or too late. Here’s a three-step system to follow to define your brand and take your career to a new level of success (in real estate, or any number of fields):

Step 1: Define your core identity.

First and foremost, decide how you want the world to know you and create a clear strategy for that vision. Your core identity should include both what you sell and something you’re known for outside of that—which I call your “and.” Here’s an example:

Maybe you’re a driven, smart, and hard-working agent who is willing to do what it takes to sell $50 million mansions. Maybe you’re also an avid baker who is known among friends and family for your amazing, homemade pies. Luxury real estate is what you sell, and homemade pies are your and—both of these things need to be part of your core identity. Why? Because without your “and,” it’s just about sales—which means your identity doesn’t stand out from all the other salespeople. Remember: People don’t like being sold, but they love shopping with friends—allow the world to get to see who you are beyond what you sell, and people will enjoy going “shopping” with you. Including your “and” in your core identity makes you stand out. My media presence—whether it’s a TV show, my YouTube channel, or my online courses—is my “and.” I’m a real estate salesperson, but I’m also a person who is on TV and creates my own media. My brand includes both.

Step 2. Create consistent content.

Creating content that adds value for potential clients—and creating it regularly (more on this later)—is one of the most effective tools to build your brand and grow your network. If you’re already on social media, take an audit of what you post:

•Is your content in line with your core identity?

•Is what you post informative, timely, and useful?

•Is it getting results, such as Likes, comments, shares, and (ultimately) leads?

•Does it highlight your “and” enough?

•Are you posting every day, at times of peak engagement, on the right platforms?

Out of all of the above, regular posting is the most important; Here’s why: The purpose of content is not just to define your brand, but also to get in front of and stay in front of your target clients. In real estate, the average American buys or sells a home only once every 13 years; That means you’ll have to stay in front of that lead for 13 years on average before they’ll be ready to reach out to use your services. If you’re only posting once a month, you’re going to lose your audience—and your leads.

I recommend you choose two social platforms plus a newsletter in order to focus your efforts and most as frequently as possible. Maybe that’s Instagram and LinkedIn, plus a monthly newsletter. Pick the social media platforms where your target clients are, and focus your efforts on those—whether it’s TikTok, Clubhouse, Twitter, or otherwise. The most important thing is that you post regularly to keep your leads locked in.

Step 3. Shout your successes from the mountaintop.

This is the final pillar of successful branding. It’s not a distinct step as much as an overarching, ongoing strategy in the process. Defining your brand, creating an engaging social media presence, and posting regular content will amplify your brand message and keep you out in front of potential clients. It will generate leads, help you close deals, and result in even more clients—and that success can then be used to generate even more.

Every accomplishment, every new project, every closed deal must be shouted from the mountaintop. In the beginning, when you close your first rental, shout it from the mountaintop. Post a few gorgeous photos of the listing on social media and congratulate your client—who naturally just received one of your famous pies as a closing gift. Later in your career, this will evolve into posting a photo of the kitchen of a $50 million mansion you just listed, with one of your famous pies fresh out of the oven on the counter (and ready for tasting at the upcoming open house). It’s about consistent branding, frequent posting, and shouting about your successes—every step of the way. The cycle continues, your brand is elevated, and you continue to reach new levels of success over time.

I promise if you take the time to implement this advice and build out your brand through these methods, you will see results.